Dance and Disability in Israel, Rutgers University

This talk explores the Israeli aspects of integrated dance, an art form that brings together dancers with and without disabilities. Together, these dancers challenge the way disability is presented and perceived in public culture and in the arts. Yet, the dance projects also reveal a hierarchy between those veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces who are disabled and others with disabilities. Integrated dance embodies the possibility of challenging national, religious, and social boundaries while expanding public awareness of multiculturalism.


The Tel Aviv Review

Dr Gili Hammer, an anthropologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discusses her book Blindness through the Looking Glass: The Performance of Blindness, Gender, and the Sensory Body, exploring how visually impaired Israeli women grasp and perform the interface between blindness and gender.


The Pulse Radio Show

Dr Gili Hammer of Hebrew U about talks about blind women’s participation in visual culture and their performance of blindness and gender expectations. The Pulse: A Canadian national show hosted by Joeita Gupta, broadcast by a national and non-profit multi-media broadcaster serving Canada's blind and partially sighted audiences